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On Demand


The On-Demand product represents the reactive model of delivering services traditionally known as the Break-Fix model. Services are delivered when problems occur, or support is needed and charged based on the current hourly rate plus a callout fee.

Due to its reactive and random nature, we recommend it only to individuals or to an organization which:
Is a new customer and is in need for urgent support.
Is unable to sign up to one of our Centurion service plans.
Have internal IT staff and need additional resources and/or expertise on an arbitrary basis.


On-Demand services are maintenance and support only services such as basic maintenance, diagnostics, and repairs. Other services such as monitoring, security, backups, and full management are not available due to their ongoing and scheduling nature.

The support services are delivered either by phone, remote access or through on-site visitation. Initially, our engineers will attempt to provide the requested support by phone or by remote access. If the support cannot be delivered or resolved, then it will be escalated to an on-site job.

As needed, hardware equipment may be taken off-site to one of our workshops for further diagnostic and/or repair.

The following is a list of services available through this product. For more comprehensive and proactive services, please refer to our Centurion Managed Services.
Customer Service And Relationship Concept. Business Concept.

Support Services

Software Diagnosis

Maintenance Services

Hardware & Software Checks

Project Services

Installation of new or relocation of existing networks
Installation of Hardware
Installation of Software

Workshop Services

Hardware repairs
Malware removal
Data transfer
Hardware reset
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